Flowers, plants

It is completely unintentional, but these images remind me of old school books with plants, herbaria  and such. Or is it herbariums? Ah, the curse of a classical education, always overthinking. Yes, I am old. No, I am not going to apologize for it!

Spots of light – or: Honey, I broke my lens

… or actually: I took apart my lens on purpose to see what would happen if I changed things. The end goal is to find a combination of parts that give the impression of what I see when I take off my glasses. The world without my glasses changes into a painting with moving parts and strange lights that are alive. This is not necessarily an impressionist painting, but very often it is. This can also be more cubist (Braque) or Surrealist (Ernst) because the brain has to find its own creative ways to make sens of the input. I am sometimes annoyed that photos are too clear, too precise, too sharp, too mechanical. Maybe that is why I like small sensor cameras like my beloved TZ81 and the LX7 that was stolen from me.

Scanner Camera Experiments

I have been working on a scanner camera in order to have a 100 megapixel camera on the cheap. This would be so great for floral elements and such, in ornamental works. Here are some of the results of the one I got to work – to bad it is kinda hard to make it focus correctly. 

Unfortunately this scanner crashed because of a short circuit (my bad) – and since then I did not really get it to work like this. I used a slightly different scanner, different software, different light and different lenses – and I have yet to find out what did it.

It is still standing in my room gathering dust – but the 80MM Pentacon 6 Medium Format Lens is welcome addition to my collection.