Open Atelier during 26. Kunst-Loose-Tage 2024 (Oderbruch)

10., 11. and 12. of May from 10:00 until 18:00 hours

I hereby invite you to an event where I open my atelier for everybody who wants to come – I want to show a mixture newer and older works to people that are interested to get to know what I stand for.  This is part of a larger event, called the 26. Kunst-Loose-Tage and it will be held from 10.–12. Mai 2024 from 10:00 until 18:00 hours – organized by Kunst im Oderbruch with over 50 artists/locations all over the Oderbruch region – more info here: – at the bottom of that page there is also a map – I am number 47 on that map. There is lots to do and see, but this endeavor would be easier with a car since only a few are near a train station.

I am one of the lucky few since my location is literally Am Bahnhof 3, 16259 Falkenberg – so it is the third house at the train station Falkenberg (Mark or Mol) – reachable over Eberswalde with RE 3 or RE 24 from Berlin and then the RE 60 for two more stations until it starts to look like a scene from the walking dead:

Perhaps I’ll see you then. 

Regards, Jerome Goldnose