Blumen für Appelonia

I could make a wall paper out of this, to cover a huge wall. Repeating patterns, but never the same. Maybe something for a night-club or a luxurious apartment? I can play around with it to create a pattern that seems to repeat but is never the same. The originals of these images can be used for big sized prints, without losing quality.

If anybody is interested, let me know. I should try to make lighter patterns next.

Saint Stephan the Drunk – Triptychon (2010-2012)

He was robbed and died about a year after I made the photos this triptychon was based on. He has seen the first results of my work, but never the finished project. He is still on my facebook feed. If I send him my prayers in a direct message, will he pass them on to god for me? I’m not sure I want the winged guys on either side of him to be my messengers, but maybe that is just me.

I wrote the following about the piece in 2015 for an exhibition (translated in German):

“Der heilige Stefan der Besoffene (2012/2013) ist ein Porträt von einem der vielen die der Filmriss zum Lebensentwurf gemacht haben. Sind sie Kinder der Sechziger auf der Suche nach Selbstauflösung, sind sie kranke Süchtigen oder sind sie Schamanen/Propheten in ihrem Rausch? Ist diese Symbolik ein Gespenst unserer Vergangenheit oder zeigt es eine Zukunft? Oder was gewesen ist, ebendas wird sein, und was geschehen ist, ebendas wird geschehen, und es gibt gar nichts Neues unter der Sonne.”

Size: 80 x 60 cm @300dpi
Pixelsize: 9449 px * 7087 px
Origin: Composition made with photos, some 3D

Prunx – CD Cover Artwork

A cd cover I made for a band called ‘Prunx’. One of the reasons we know each other is because of our passion for science fiction. I made illustrations for 6 of the 7 songs on the CD. They chose two. We met each other because we all loved Scifi movies. So I immediately knew what to make for them.

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Made it for a band, as a CD cover, but liked this idea about a city under the earth so much, I have given much thought to creating a whole series, a complete project maybe. Never gotten to it. Yet. Who knows. It still reminds me of old SF books, the lost word, people living underground – with dinosaurs of course.

This one is in color, but in the end we used a black and white version. It was more punk that way.

Biography (2008)

It is a biography. Think of it what you like. Everybody has one and this one is mine.

Size: 33,87 x 22,01 cm @300dpi
Pixelsize: 4000 px * 2600 px
Origin: Composition made with photos.

New Odalisque 2 / A 1000 dreams (2006)

No comment so far… Or maybe it is a sci-fi sleeping beauty, sleeping for a thousand years, a thousand dreams that would awake me … love not given lightly …

Size: 67x47cm @300dpi
Pixelsize: 7915px*5551px
Origin: Composition made with photos, 3D

Forgotten Flowers (2006)

I’m always surprised because a lot of people like this work. They like the ‘less is more’ aspect of it. To me that is an absurdity. Less can never be more. Yes, I like the baroque, why do you ask?

Size: 33,87cmx25,4cm @300dpi
Pixelsize: 4000px*3000px
Origin: Composition made with photos, 3D.

New Odalisque (2004)

New Odalisque is my attempt to step into another old tradition. I have huge problem with the way romanticism has taught us to create original artworks. There are certain stories that have to be told again and again. There are only 36 base stories – Goethe and Schiller tried to create a 37th one but they failed. There are certain pictures that have to be recreated again and again, every time from a different perspective. A different perspective in time, a different person trying to recreate it from his personal perspective, standing in the culture he or she was born into. The Odalisque seems to be one of these pictures.

Size: 67x47cm @300dpi
Pixelsize: 7915px*5551px
Origin: Composition made with photos, scans, some 3D.

New History (2004)

New History I is born from an attempt to recreate one of those huge tapestries depicting epical wars with monsters, and huge armies marching by, and the good king performing good deeds. All these tapestries have huge borders filled with ornaments. New History 1 was the first one, the one with the monster. It was supposed to be a series, but after a while I did not like number 2 anymore. Maybe I will continue working on it, maybe not, or maybe I will start a new series.

Size: 67x47cm @300dpi
Pixelsize: 7915px*5551px
Origin: Composition made with photos, scans.