New History (2004)

New History I is born from an attempt to recreate one of those huge tapestries depicting epical wars with monsters, and huge armies marching by, and the good king performing good deeds. All these tapestries have huge borders filled with ornaments. New History 1 was the first one, the one with the monster. It was supposed to be a series, but after a while I did not like number 2 anymore. Maybe I will continue working on it, maybe not, or maybe I will start a new series.

Size: 67x47cm @300dpi
Pixelsize: 7915px*5551px
Origin: Composition made with photos, scans.

New Saints Triptych (2003)

These three works are my first successful attempts to create digital art: A young woman smiling, destined to be a saint in a bleak world, a woman gave birth to her to-be saint son, destined to become a martyr in this dying world, a dying saint, a young man, a fish watching him from a polluted sea. The description for all three works in this series is the same:

In these series I tried to combine the idea of a religious painting with the way we have come to look at our future: dark, filled with industrial waste, or maybe we are living on other planets, who knows. What will our saints look like? Will there ever be new saints when we leave our solar system? Or is this an Earth-bound phenomenon?

The idea of having saints in the dark future that might lie ahead could be comforting one, we might really need them. Or maybe the idea is an impossible one, I don’t know.

Size: 47x67cm @300dpi
Pixelsize: 5551px*7915px
Origin: Composition made with photos, scans from books and magazines, some 3D.