Tempelhof im neuen Mittelalter

I made a couple of high format images with cityscapes and lots of sky. Some people think the below part is a montage. No, it is not, this really happened on former Tempelhof airfield. And of course I edited this.

Materials: Fiber composite material, print, paint
Print: Photolux Professional Matte 230 
Dimensions 40×50 cm

Anatomy II in gold frame

Another one in the Anatomy series. It is also part of another artwork that I will be posting here soon. It was bought by someone who joked about ‘Breasts in Space.’

Well, then. Here ye go: spread among the stars, show the cold comet dust this pinnacle of glowing human warmth. This is what we give you as reward for all the stardust we are made of.

Materials: Fiber composite material, print, paint, patina wax
Print: Photolux Professional Matte 230 
Dimensions 50×50 cm

This Italian woman came to where I was selling my art and said “Bellisima” to this one.

I can not get enough of this theme and these colours. I have been reusing the uturus artwork again and again. I already made other Anatomy artworks, among them a breast and an eye. Should definitely finish the penis one. I should make time for that.

Materials: Fiber composite material, print, paint, metal parts (construction)
Print: Photolux Professional Matte 230 
Dimensions 60×60 cm

The one next to the church with the trees in the night.

It was a night in Prague, or on two nights did I see this church. There is also a monument nearby for people who died. Not even sure anymore if it was because of communism or against Nazis. I have to ask to be sure. I will get back to this.

Materials: Fiber composite material, print, ink, paint
Print: Litho archive Matte / Photolux Professional Matte 230 
Dimensions 25×25 cm

Blue ink ornament with “Spots of light with teeth”

Materials: fibre composite material print, ink, paint, pigments, nail polish
Print: Litho archive matt
Dimensions: 85 cm * 65 cm

I tried my hand on smaller ornamental frames, and this is one of those that I like most. The other ones are red and white – but they are not finished yet. So there’s more to come.

Could turn them into a flag of sorts, the Dutch flag would be fitting maybe – even though I am totally not a nationalist. It got me thinking regarding the new Kleistpark price. Stay tuned.

What I made for the Kleistpark Berlin Art Price 2017 (sadly I was not selected)

This is the work I send to the Gallery Kleistpark Berlin to apply the art price of 2017 around the theme of the ‘Capriccio.’ To them this has to do with going against the art rules in a playful way. This is seen as the forerunner for the modern art. In wikipedia it is called ‘an architectural fantasy, placing together buildings, archaeological ruins and other architectural elements in fictional and often fantastical combinations.’

I applied since I think I could fit into both definitions.

The text I send to them was more or less the one in my ‘About my work‘ text – and I added the following:

”The main grammar that I use in the work I present here, is that of the ornament, and the goal is to make people question what is inside the fleshy, semi-erotic, alien – perhaps grotesque – ornamental centerpiece. What should be the meaning of this in an era where so many people wonder about sexualitiy, gender; what is the meaning of this in this time where we marvel about the knowledge and ability to perform sex-changes and at the same time we ponder about the existence of Alien Life.

Maybe trans-sexualism – and also trans-humanism – should be the next step in our development before we even are able to be confronted with the unimaginable coming from other planets. But on the other hand, who says the unimaginable has to come from outer space? It does not matter if it is true alien life or simply the next step in our own evolution. Or maybe the person standing next to us in the subway. Maybe we’ll find out at some point.”

Purple ornament 2015 [SOLD]

Finished this one in 2015 already, but exhibited it the first time in 2016. Unfortunately I did not yet know the right mixture of my fiber composite material to make it lighter (right now it needs heavy wood to keep it straight, not so with the new recipe).

Materials: Fiber composite material, print, paint, rusty screws
Print: Litho archive Matte
Dimensions: 120×140 cm

Creampie 2015-1 – Archeological dig rusted

A picture of the Creampie, a very intelligent animal that can be seen everywhere around here, but their intelligence seems to be only used for pleasure. They are not shy and are not hindered by speciesism and they always reciprocate. Ah, the fun I had with them when I was young …

Materials: Fiber composite material, paint, cardboard, print
Print: Lambda print
Dimensions: 60 cm * 60 cm