What I made for the ‘Lotto BrandenBurg Fotografie Preis 2022’

Materials: paint, laser prints (color / B&W), MDF
Printing Technique: Transfer print / Digital Printmaking
Dimensions: up to 33x45cm

Application text:

The theme that unites all my works is time. I use my own digital photos to create images that are usually part of larger artworks. What you see here are just the prints, made the way I am now doing more and more: transfer printing on painted surfaces and then disguise them as artifacts weathered by time. For me the printing process I use now with digital images, is as important as creating a print from a negative like I used to do in a darkroom.

The works I create that way are fake, they are forgeries of artworks that have never existed. Or maybe they will, one day, in the future.

To the rest of the text I send with the images…

Hourglass Ceiling Ornament (2015/2019)

This one has been underway for a long time, never could find the right images for it. Now it has ‘The eye of god’ in the center. A lot of painted ceiling ornaments have an eye of god of some sorts in it – so that is only fitting.

Materials: Fiber composite material, print, paint, rusty screws
Print: Litho archive Matte / Photolux Professional Matte 230 
Dimensions: 105×115 cm

Gedanken with red background number-234-II (2019)

I should make more images with small stuff – small leaves, small flowers, macro stuff. The leaves of this plant, when they fell of and dried, they became so curly and slightly hairy – it immediately looked like some old ornament.

It is too bad that the plant died.

Don’t ask me about the keyhole, I have no idea anymore about the what or why, but it was important. Sure. If only I knew where I put that key.

Materials: Fiber composite material, print, ink, paint
Print: Photolux Professional Matte 230 
Dimensions 40×40 cm

Anatomy II in gold frame

Another one in the Anatomy series. It is also part of another artwork that I will be posting here soon. It was bought by someone who joked about ‘Breasts in Space.’

Well, then. Here ye go: spread among the stars, show the cold comet dust this pinnacle of glowing human warmth. This is what we give you as reward for all the stardust we are made of.

Materials: Fiber composite material, print, paint, patina wax
Print: Photolux Professional Matte 230 
Dimensions 50×50 cm