The hills have eyes sometimes?

There is a hidden world out here, near the swamp, in the hills – there is water flowing everywhere, collecting in pools and mud, in small ponds and small streams in hidden valleys that are hard to find. It used to be that the people living here burned down bushes as soon as they became too thick, blocking the roads between houses and villages and between farms and fields. This is not done here anymore because it is forbidden. This used to be East Germany and before that it was part of another story with lots of violence and war. Some want that what was before to come back. I think the eyes in these trees do not want that, they would not like that at all. They want their own space, outside of it all, in peace, to be who they want to be.

What I made for the ‘Lotto BrandenBurg Fotografie Preis 2022’

Materials: paint, laser prints (color / B&W), MDF
Printing Technique: Transfer print / Digital Printmaking
Dimensions: up to 33x45cm

Application text:

The theme that unites all my works is time. I use my own digital photos to create images that are usually part of larger artworks. What you see here are just the prints, made the way I am now doing more and more: transfer printing on painted surfaces and then disguise them as artifacts weathered by time. For me the printing process I use now with digital images, is as important as creating a print from a negative like I used to do in a darkroom.

The works I create that way are fake, they are forgeries of artworks that have never existed. Or maybe they will, one day, in the future.

To the rest of the text I send with the images…

New way to print … on painted surfaces

I have been experimenting with a new way to print and it enables me to print on painted surfaces in both black and white – like I have don here – and in color.

This means for me that I am more and more mixing digital and analog – where analog has become more important to me. I like that I can finally print on rough surfaces, on surfaces that I painted before. I can print on surfaces that are painted in gold, that are shiny.

Materials: Fiber composite material, print, paint, black and white print
Printing Technique: Transfer print / Digital Printmaking
Dimensions: 50 x 50 cm

The white one (2018)

There is also a blue and a red variant of this ornament but with different pictures and some ornamentals are also different. There was an open call for proposals – not sure what it was about anymore – but my answer would have been a play with tradition and the red, white and blue variants of this ornament as a flag. 

Materials: Fiber composite material print, ink, paint, pigments, nail polish
Print: Litho archive matte / Photolux Professional Matte 230 
Dimensions: 85 cm * 65 cm

Gedanken with red background number-234-II (2019)

I should make more images with small stuff – small leaves, small flowers, macro stuff. The leaves of this plant, when they fell of and dried, they became so curly and slightly hairy – it immediately looked like some old ornament.

It is too bad that the plant died.

Don’t ask me about the keyhole, I have no idea anymore about the what or why, but it was important. Sure. If only I knew where I put that key.

Materials: Fiber composite material, print, ink, paint
Print: Photolux Professional Matte 230 
Dimensions 40×40 cm

This Italian woman came to where I was selling my art and said “Bellisima” to this one.

I can not get enough of this theme and these colours. I have been reusing the uturus artwork again and again. I already made other Anatomy artworks, among them a breast and an eye. Should definitely finish the penis one. I should make time for that.

Materials: Fiber composite material, print, paint, metal parts (construction)
Print: Photolux Professional Matte 230 
Dimensions 60×60 cm

Flowers, plants

It is completely unintentional, but these images remind me of old school books with plants, herbaria  and such. Or is it herbariums? Ah, the curse of a classical education, always overthinking. Yes, I am old. No, I am not going to apologize for it!