What I made for the ‘Lotto BrandenBurg Fotografie Preis 2022’

Materials: paint, laser prints (color / B&W), MDF
Printing Technique: Transfer print / Digital Printmaking
Dimensions: up to 33x45cm

Application text:

The theme that unites all my works is time. I use my own digital photos to create images that are usually part of larger artworks. What you see here are just the prints, made the way I am now doing more and more: transfer printing on painted surfaces and then disguise them as artifacts weathered by time. For me the printing process I use now with digital images, is as important as creating a print from a negative like I used to do in a darkroom.

The works I create that way are fake, they are forgeries of artworks that have never existed. Or maybe they will, one day, in the future.

To the rest of the text I send with the images…

New way to print … on painted surfaces

I have been experimenting with a new way to print and it enables me to print on painted surfaces in both black and white – like I have don here – and in color.

This means for me that I am more and more mixing digital and analog – where analog has become more important to me. I like that I can finally print on rough surfaces, on surfaces that I painted before. I can print on surfaces that are painted in gold, that are shiny.

Materials: Fiber composite material, print, paint, black and white print
Printing Technique: Transfer print / Digital Printmaking
Dimensions: 50 x 50 cm

The white one (2018)

There is also a blue and a red variant of this ornament but with different pictures and some ornamentals are also different. There was an open call for proposals – not sure what it was about anymore – but my answer would have been a play with tradition and the red, white and blue variants of this ornament as a flag. 

Materials: Fiber composite material print, ink, paint, pigments, nail polish
Print: Litho archive matte / Photolux Professional Matte 230 
Dimensions: 85 cm * 65 cm

Gedanken with red background number-234-II (2019)

I should make more images with small stuff – small leaves, small flowers, macro stuff. The leaves of this plant, when they fell of and dried, they became so curly and slightly hairy – it immediately looked like some old ornament.

It is too bad that the plant died.

Don’t ask me about the keyhole, I have no idea anymore about the what or why, but it was important. Sure. If only I knew where I put that key.

Materials: Fiber composite material, print, ink, paint
Print: Photolux Professional Matte 230 
Dimensions 40×40 cm

This Italian woman came to where I was selling my art and said “Bellisima” to this one.

I can not get enough of this theme and these colours. I have been reusing the uturus artwork again and again. I already made other Anatomy artworks, among them a breast and an eye. Should definitely finish the penis one. I should make time for that.

Materials: Fiber composite material, print, paint, metal parts (construction)
Print: Photolux Professional Matte 230 
Dimensions 60×60 cm

Flowers, plants

It is completely unintentional, but these images remind me of old school books with plants, herbaria  and such. Or is it herbariums? Ah, the curse of a classical education, always overthinking. Yes, I am old. No, I am not going to apologize for it!