The hills have eyes sometimes?

There is a hidden world out here, near the swamp, in the hills – there is water flowing everywhere, collecting in pools and mud, in small ponds and small streams in hidden valleys that are hard to find. It used to be that the people living here burned down bushes as soon as they became too thick, blocking the roads between houses and villages and between farms and fields. This is not done here anymore because it is forbidden. This used to be East Germany and before that it was part of another story with lots of violence and war. Some want that what was before to come back. I think the eyes in these trees do not want that, they would not like that at all. They want their own space, outside of it all, in peace, to be who they want to be.


I was totally inspired by reddit’s /r/fifthworldgonewild  sub [warning: NSFW] and started making more and more porno for aliens. It is liberating in more than one way: it broadens horizons of what is considered sexual and sexy, it promotes diversity to also include the aliens among us, and it humbles me because I have to admit that there is so much more that makes my juices flowing than I ever thought possible (as you see on this page: pears can be so …. yummy). I collect them on my tumblr and I hope to make many more of them.

New History (2004)

New History I is born from an attempt to recreate one of those huge tapestries depicting epical wars with monsters, and huge armies marching by, and the good king performing good deeds. All these tapestries have huge borders filled with ornaments. New History 1 was the first one, the one with the monster. It was supposed to be a series, but after a while I did not like number 2 anymore. Maybe I will continue working on it, maybe not, or maybe I will start a new series.

Size: 67x47cm @300dpi
Pixelsize: 7915px*5551px
Origin: Composition made with photos, scans.